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A japanese exhibition in Luxembourg

Galerie Simoncini, in downtown Luxembourg near the Cathedral is exposing until April 10 recent works of Haruhiko Sunagawa, a Japanese contemporary art sculpture and painter.

When I first saw the exposition called “Spiral”, the artist’s delicate and simple lines appealed to me that this must be a Japanese artist’s work. The light and shadow reminded me of the Japanese “Wabi Sabi”, of rustic and natural simplicity, as what could be described in the Japanese “Cha no Yu” or tea ceremony.

The fact that the artist studied physiques in Japan may be a clue to understand why the lines of his work look so accurately defined and balanced. Born in 1946, the artist studied design, fine arts and painting in London. He was rewarded with the Prix Bourdelle in sculpture and now lives in Paris. The volume of his relief and the sculpture are light and minimum, as the materials are mostly made by transparent glass, plexiglass fiber, and stone. This creates a sophisticated and modern impression. Not only the materials, but the minimum colors and geometric combinations create beautiful light and shadow, which expresses full energy and beauty. His works have often been exposed not only in Japan, but also in France, Switzerland, Germany and etc.

Mr. André Simoncini has invited many Japanese artists to expose at his gallery. As an artist himself, his poems were recently exposed at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Japan, collaborating with a Japanese photographer. This cultural ambassador for Japanese artists in Luxembourg have long continued friendships with Japanese artists, and thus, the display of the logo of his hotel was even made by such artists in a Japanese style.

Why not go to Galerie and Hotel Simoncini and discover the Japanese artist’s works? Galerie Simoncini- 6¸rue Notre Dame, L-2240 Luxembourg (Tuesday to Friday 12-18h, Saturday 10-12h, 14-17h and by appointments).
If you want to discover more about this exibition you can come on Wedsnday the 6th of  April at 1 p.m. The gallerist will present the work of Haruhiko Sunagawa. 

Nanako Miyazaki,
Japanese Ambassador for the Just Arrived Ambassador Club