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A guide to Polish associations in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s offer in term of national communities associations is particularly rich! Today, our Polish ambassador Joanna Gizewska will tell us about the main Polish associations in the Grand Duchy!

2 Polish associations in Luxembourg

There are currently two significant Polish associations in Luxembourg and The Polish Women’s Association of Luxembourg (Stowarzyszenie Polek w Luksemburgu) The first was founded in 2007 whereas the second has only been around since 2015.

Since its foundation a.s.b.l has become an integral part of the Polish society in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Its aim is to integrate the Polish emigrants and to spread Polish culture through organizing social and cultural events like the Festival of Polish Culture in Luxembourg  and many more.

Also the association is the frame of reference for all those, who are considering moving to Luxembourg or have just arrived! On their website  you can find various types of important information about the country and its laws, services, news, Polish events and initiatives, classified advertisements and of course counselling. There is the possibility to participate in discussion board as well, where you can exchange experiences and get support.

The aim of is to bring Polish immigrant community together and consolidate their relations with the residents of Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. In their approach they are addressing mostly Polish women via the internet portal and Facebook page The association attaches great value to organizing meetings for socializing purposes and cultural events that currently take place at the restaurant Nova Osada but not exclusively. They have just started their activity but they certainly have the intention to grow and reach a greater audience. The official inauguration of the association is planned for 25 February 2016.

On the picture, the heart of from left Zuzanna Ducka-Lubas, Edyta Gurgul-Meyer, Gabriela Kaziuk.

Joanna Gizewska,
Polish Ambassador for the Just Arrived Ambassadors Club

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