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A Bubble House in Luxembourg: the latest trend from Asia

The Bubble tea trend started in Asia a good few years ago but is starting to take off in a big way in Europe and in Luxembourg.

Just Arrived has tested the Bubble House, the only Bubble tea store in Luxembourg and is sharing their experience.

What is Bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a tea based drink (black or green, with or without milk, hot or cold) with different, original flavours (apple, pineapple, vanilla/chocolate, peach, …) with the addition of 1cm tapioca pearls (see menu). It can also be customised by adding a topping, juice based or fruit jelly which are also in the shape of pearls, for those who don't like tapioca or just want something a little fun in their tea. Apart from the novelty factor of this drink, choosing a bubble tea has two other advantages: not only do the manioc based tapioca pearls fill you up but all the goodness of the tea is preserved.

Luxembourg’s Bubble Tea House

Curious to find out more about this latest trend, the Just Arrived team headed off to the Bubble House, the bubble tea specialist in Luxembourg City. Not only can you get all types of Bubble tea but they also specialise in fast food: Vietnamese glazed pork sandwich with coriander, as well as more traditional sandwiches. The shop is fun, trendy and out of the ordinary, right in the heart of the City! A small Bubble tea will cost around 4 euros depending in the type and toppings you choose.

Our Opinion on Bubble House

We enjoyed discovering this new, colourful and nourishing drink which can be personalised to suit your tastes. It is a simple, friendly place where you can watch your drink being prepared in front of you and we like the originality of the concept. Bubble tea is not something you would drink everyday but it is a great drink to quench your thirst in the afternoon, summer or winter, filling you up at the same time. How many calories does it have? About as much as in a coke! So if you are curious and like new taste sensations then we recommend heading over there to try a Bubble tea.

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We liked

  • Original concept
  • Customisable drinks
  • Warm welcome
  • Reasonable prices
  • A new trend
  • Plastic lid allowing you to take your drink away and enjoy it later without spilling it

We liked less  

  • The location is a bit gloomy at the back of a shopping gallery