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501 Things To Do with Kids in Luxembourg – A New Kind of Family Guide

A few weeks ago, the good folks from What’s On For Kids released their much awaited guide for families living in and around Luxembourg, aptly named 501 Things To Do With Kids in Luxembourg.

The only family guide in Luxembourg that fits in your pocket!

Many parents who live in Luxembourg follow What’s On For Kids’ weekends to-do list and were quick to sign up for The 501 Things Guide as soon as it was announced. Shortly after, they started calling it ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, ‘the most comprehensive family guide for Luxembourg’, ‘fantastic and easy to use’, ‘exactly the sort of thing I was looking for’, etc. 

We, at Just Arrived, were curious about what all that hype is about, so we too signed up to check The 501 Things Guide out.

An amazing amount of informations for doing things with kids in Luxembourg

Indeed, after spending just a few minutes going thru its contents, we were amazed by the amount of information the guys from What’s On For Kids were able to put together.

In a nutshell, The 501 Things Guide tells you what’s happening around you so you always know what to do and where to have fun with your kids. It lists events, places, activities, classes, family-friendly restaurants (so difficult to come across in Luxembourg), soft-play areas, playgrounds, museums, lakes and rivers, parks and gardens and hundreds over hundreds of other listings to choose from.

We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to browse through all the entries of The 501 Things Guide and to quickly find the activities that we are interested in.

Another thing we liked about The 501 Things Guide is that it is online – which makes it equally easy to read from your computer or carry it around with you on your phone and access from virtually anywhere – home, work, train, gym, etc.

What is even better is that its format makes it super easy to be updated continuously with fresh content, and it seems that the guys from What’s On For Kids are doing this almost daily. 

PROS: Super portable – available online and offline, the most comprehensive family guide available in Luxembourg – currently 600+ listings, daily updates – content always fresh, no sponsored entries meaning no ads or product positioning, super easy to use interface, comprehensive search.

CONS: Unlike their other content, The 501 Things Guide is not free. The membership costs a one-time fee of €27. However, that’s a price we are willing to pay for all the information that’s in it and for all the time it saves us to find how to entertain the family!

VERDICT: We likey! We are truly impressed! Recommended for everyone with kids living in and around Luxembourg.

For more information, click here: 501 Things To Do With Kids in Luxembourg

Ivaylo Piskov
Creator of What's on for Kids

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