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5 useful websites to know when arriving in Luxembourg

Discover 5 specialized web sites that facilitate the daily life of newcomers and residents in Luxembourg


Buses, trains, stops , stations, ... informs you quickly and clearly on bus routes, ticket prices or on possible routes to get you from point A to point B Luxembourg and in neighbouring countries. It is therefore of great value to long-time résidents, but also to newcomers who can sometimes feel a bit lost and not yet familiar with many stops and bus lines or trains to take. Discover the Mobiliteit App.


The web portal offers a big range of administrative informations in many different fields ( buying or renting a house, local elections , consumer protection) as well as the possibility to download o fill in administrative forms directly on line.


Movijob is first of all a job portal  but also an organiser of relevant job fairs and recruitment evenings in Luxemboand the Greater Region.


Santé.lu is the official Health portal in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. informs you not only about health legislation ibut also about events , conferences and other activities planned around this sensible subject in Luxembourg. is also very useful to get information about hospitals, doctors and pharmacies on duty near to your home.


As social life is essential to integrate as a newcomer, Just Arrived highly recommend Supermiro, a dynamic, geolocalized agenda about all types of events not to be missed in Luxembourg!

More information to facilitate your integration when arriving in Luxembourg