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4 websites parents should know in Luxembourg !

If you have children and live in Luxembourg, you are probably interested by everything which concerns kids ! Expos, leisure, holiday camps, events ... In Luxembourg, numerous activities are set up each week to keep both adults and children entertained !

Just Arrived has selected for you 4 useful and practical websites that you should absolutely know to be kept up to date about all the news concerning children in Luxembourg!


Probably the most famous website, is now almost an institution in Luxembourg. Very thorough and well constructed, the website lists an astronomical amount of activities and information related to childhood.

Several topics are included to ensure that the information is clear and easily accessible. The website gives you thus access to different topics : parents, parents-to-be, kids, outings or agenda, in order to let you find targeted information. Among other things, offers a very wide selection of events and hobbies especially organized for children, in Luxembourg as well as in the frontiers. That’s the guarantee to find activities for those who do not like to be bored ! Beside that, the website also provides a lot of advice for parents and provides good addresses regarding maternity, child care, etc.


Along the same line as PetitWeb, Kideaz is a website which provides ideas for children and family, and also offers information about childhood in Luxembourg. The website has a specialized section about childcare, as well as an agenda, a blog, and different categories : “activities”, “birthday”, “parents”. Together, these different sections can cover a large part of the information one should have while living or moving to Luxembourg. Well designed, the website is accurate, dynamic, and also very active on Facebook ! Its more ? Funny, home made and always current comic illustrations, featuring a small bulb, the main character representing Kideaz.

Created by Dominique Bissot, our Belgian Ambassador for Just Arrived Ambassador Club, the Kids Agenda website is also a website linked to childhood, essential to know when one lives or arrives at Luxembourg. Primarily intended to propose a sharp selection of events for children, the website also offers various practical information for parents ! The more of the website ? An extremely precise classification allowing easy access to the sought-after information, and a constantly updated website depending on the current news (holidays, celebrations, ...).


As it is written on the website, "” is a platform managed by pointCOMM GmbH. This website aims at providing all required information to parents to facilitate the research of accommodation facilities and regularly find information about children. Just like the three aforementioned websites, you will find there information about activities and events for children and parents, but also other good deals, a selection of online games or stores for children. The more ? The website also offers a software that helps you quickly and effectively find a nursery matching your search criteria and informs you about available places in the crèches of your choice in Luxembourg!