Residential parking stickers in Luxembourg

Source Ville de Luxembourg

You are a resident in Luxembourg-city and own one or several cars? Here is how the parking stickers for the City of Luxembourg work.

Labels reserved for the residents of the City of Luxembourg

The parking sticker is reserved for the inhabitants of the Luxembourg capital and allows them to park free of charge and without limitation of time in their district of residence.

These labels must be affixed on the windscreen of your vehicle, so as to remain visible from the outside. Parking stickers appear under 3 different types: the annual labels, the temporary labels (valid 20 days), or the visitor ones (valid 3 months for a 16-euro cost).

The label requests must be justified via a proof of residence from the City of Luxembourg and a certificate of registration established in the name of the applicant.

Functioning of the parking stickers designed the for residents

Stickers of residential parking in Luxembourg-city are now attributed to physical persons, and not to households anymore, as it was the case previously. The number of parking stickers per person is limited from now on to 3 maximum. Obtaining a 4th label is now prohibited. The first label is free, the following ones are paying with a progressive price list.

The registration of several vehicles on the same label is also forbidden. Only one vehicle can be attributed to a parking sticker.

To know more about parking in Luxembourg-city when you are not a resident.

Do not forget that driving in Luxembourg requires your vehicle to be administratively in order and to respect some codes of conduct.

2 free hours with the parking disc

You are also entitled to 2 hours of free parking on the territory of Luxembourg-city if you do not forget to put your white disk on display (watch out, the duration can vary according to the districts).

If your car is registered abroad, you can obtain a 6-month temporary label.